Our visit to Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico

We originally planned this trip with our best friend Chris


But due to the outrageous cost of flights and time constraints, he couldn’t make it! We miss him a lot! “Fluffy we will be back!”

Carlsbad was not what we expected. It is a really dirty city/town! We stayed in a Walmart parking lot for the two nights we were there. Trash was everywhere! It was the only place in town we could stay for free, and it served its purpose. We were surrounded by other RV’s and Semi’s at night! The first night we arrived we ran out of Propane, it was 27 degrees that night! All the propane suppliers were closed by 6 pm. Luckily we bought an electric heater in Lamesa, Tx. There was a gas station  sharing the parking lot with Walmart so we filled the generator and the Jerry Jug. We were able to run the generator all night with 2 gallons of gas!

We got a customer! They saw the vehicle lettering and wanted a design. The money was good but it was one of the ugliest logo’s I’ve ever designed. The important thing was that the customer was very happy with what he helped create!

IMG_2906 IMG_3087IMG_2921

So normally visiting the caverns cost $10 per person. We are not early risers and discovered that if you arrive after 1:30 pm it is free. We’re also cheap so this was a win-win. The Caverns were amazing! The drive up the mountain was a little scary. It was 7 miles up a winding mountain road, pulling our home behind us. This was our first subterranean experience and it was worth the wait. Again, we were reminded how out of shape we are. We have since reclassified it as oxygen deprivation while underground. The air was definitely thinner on the mountain but as we descended it felt like we couldn’t get enough oxygen to breathe. They did an incredible job with the lighting down there. Most of the pictures were taken without flash. We didn’t need a flashlight at all. It took about 2 hrs to explore  and then climb back up. Since we are gluttons for punishment we did it two days in a row! So far this has been the highlight of our trip (visually)!

IMG_3084 IMG_3079 IMG_3080 IMG_2997

There are also the Lechuguilla Caverns that they discovered in the national park unfortunately it is not open to the public and doesn’t seem like it ever will be. With 140 miles it is the 7th longest explored cave in the world and the deepest in the continental United States! BBC did a documentary, google it!

I hope you enjoy the pictures! We love you all! ~Fred & Regina


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  1. Hi Fred & Regina, I’m glad you got your newsletter running again. The photos are amazing & you guys look great. I miss you both, until your next post God bless you & keep you safe. Love you mom!❤️

  2. Hallo, ihr Lieben!!!
    Die Fotos sind wirklich beeindrückent , war wieder mal schön euch so glücklich zu sehen. Schade, dass Chris nicht da war. .. Gute Fahrt euch weiter! Bleibt gesund!

  3. Absolutely amazing pictures. The caves looked amazing. That must have been a great adventure! Glad to know you both are doing well and having the time of your lives. God be with you both. Love and miss you☺️

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