We Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


We spent the past few weeks in Fort Lauderdale with our Friends the McMullen’s. We had a great time! Enissa was off so the girls got to spend a lot of time together. We didn’t do too much but relax. We went kite flying a few times. On new years, we went to a brewery called Funky Buddha. Good Food and the beer wasn’t bad either. The live music, on the other hand, was horrendous! We went to play Volleyball a few times.IMG_2632IMG_20151223_155916 IMG_2648

Unfortunately, while playing volleyball the first time, I tweaked my back. I was feeling better by the time we went a played a few days later so I participated. This was a mistake! My back started locking up and my neck stiffened. I manned up for new years so we could go out. From Wed until Monday I was bedridden most of the remaining time. My back is still not 100 percent. I’m super stiff.

IMG_2642 IMG_2638

The ferrets enjoyed the balcony of the apartment. They also made a new friend named Muffins. That’s Muffins with an “S”! She is a very loving Chiweenie. Even though she is a small dog mixed with some Chihuahua (rodent) I still consider her a Dog. She warmed up to me very quickly unlike some other small dogs. At one point Gizmo and Muffins were playing tag! Hiro took a little longer to warm up to her!

IMG_2692 IMG_2685 IMG_2682 IMG_2667
We did visit Miami. the traffic was horrible. There was a lot of construction! We were going to visit south beach but lost interest when we couldn’t get anywhere near the beach. It was so crowded! I guess we are happier in the woods! On the way down we stopped in Little Havana. I got a shot of expresso that was delicious!IMG_2667 IMG_2665 IMG_2658 IMG_2659IMG_2655IMG_2654

Kindly Enissa’s husband Mike allowed us to park the camper in his warehouse while we were visiting. It was a tight fit but Mike backed it in like a pro. The camper was a little musty from being in storage for a few weeks. The humid Florida air and not being used for a few weeks it was to be expected. Regina said she killed at least 10 spiders who had set up shop while we were gone. The camper got a thorough douching, and its back to normal.


Road rangers are way better than AAA!

So we really failed on the whole blogging thing during our stay. We didn’t really take many pictures. I think we have to stick to our own routine. We are currently headed up the gulf side of Florida. We crost the state through the everglades on what is called alligator alley. Our tire exploded and ripped a hole in the wheel well of the camper. A Florida Road Ranger arrived as I was getting out of the van to check the damage. He quickly put our full-size spare on, for free! I put a temporary patch on the wheel well, but it will require some work. Our next stop is my Aunt Janets house further north.

Looks like we will be doing more backtracking in future posts to cover our trip down the eastern side of the state! Love you all!

~Fred and Regina

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  1. O, das ist ein wunderschönes Foto von dir und Enissa! Ihr strahlt eine richtige Freude aus.
    Die Fredchen mit dem Mufins sind sooo suss. Das ist so eine Liebe bekannt Machung Ich bin von Miami begeistert!!! Auch wenn euch die Straßen zu schaffen machten
    Vielen lieben dank für die Fotos..Das sind wunderschöne Fotos.
    Die bunte Häuser sind einmalig. So viel Farbe.
    Und ihr zwei mit dem bunten Hahn?! Witzig!!!
    Danke euch, habe mich riesig gefreut !!!
    Ich bin Gott von ganzem Herzen dankbar für seinen Schutzengel!!! Das er euch begleitet und euch nichts schlimmeres zugestoßen ist und ihr auch sofort Hilfe bekommen habt.
    Ach, das ist so wundervoll euch durch die Berichte zu begleiten. Ich danke euch und habe euch ganz dolle lieb.
    Gute weitere Fahrt und Gottes Schutzengel möge euch beschützen und euch den Weg zeigen.

  2. I am so glad to hear your Christmas and New Years was fun. It is nice to have friends in different parts of the country. Little Havana looked amazing from the pics you both posted. Wish I was there in the warm weather. It is cold and rainy here in Narragansett. I hope you are able to get your tire fixed for more new adventures. Love you guys and be safe as always. I will be looking forward to your next post.

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