Indian Bread Rocks, Arizona – A little peace and quite

IMG_20160221_173419We needed a break from driving and sleeping in parking lots. While we love access to the internet as bad as it is sometimes, we needed to recharge. So we found a nice little place just inside the border of Arizona and New Mexico on BLM land. The (BLM) Bureau of Land Management has millions of Acres of public land set aside for recreational use. Indian Bread rocks is about 7 miles south of Bowie, AZ. It has no amenities except for pit toilets which we didn’t have to use. Some hunters found a black widow one night in the stalls. It took all 7 of them to kill it, big bad hunters! Apparently they were hunting javelina. They were only there for the weekend and weren’t firing too close for comfort.IMG_3111 IMG_3113 IMG_20160221_172306

Getting some work done outside. This is where we wrote the post that week.

IMG_20160221_161656 IMG_20160217_172329


Indian bread rocks best reception spot

The “mini-mountain” where we had cell reception

We had minimal cell phone reception and the only place we could really make phone calls was up this “mini-mountain”. We climbed it almost every day to send pictures and make calls. The only real activity was hiking which we enjoyed after so much driving. We only wish they had a river or lake for kayaking to mix it up. So pretty much we just relaxed. I was working on my cigar box guitar. I fixed the awning on the camper, something we needed to do. Our entire stay it was clear and t-shirt weather. On the day we left it was starting to get pretty windy, it all worked out. We are hoping to find more great spots like this. Did I mention it was free! We could stay there for 14 days if we liked.IMG_3185 IMG_3186

Our next stop was Tuscon, AZ where we stayed in a Casino parking lot for free! It was real nice. There was WiFi, security cameras ( so we could unhitch the camper and travel the area without it) and security patrolling the parking lot. There were a ton of RV’s staying there though it didn’t feel crowded. We love you all! Until next week!

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  1. Love hearing from you guys glad that you were able to get the news letter out, great pictures and I can’t wait to hear all about your adventures. Take care, love you & God bless you both. Mom❤️

  2. Das glaube ich, dass ihr in dieser ruhiger Gegend entspannen konntet. Die Bilder sind sehr schön, besonders das, wo Regina ganz alleine mitten drin sitzt. Das wirkt so beruhigend – nur Mensch und Natur, Klasse!!! Ich freue mich für euch. Passt auf euch auf, gute Fahrt!

  3. Fred and Regina the pictures were majestic!!!! Glad you had some relaxation time. I am looking forward to seeing you both in person and hearing about your adventure. I hope you are enjoying California.
    Love you. Indira

    • Thanks Indy! We did have a great time! We will make sure to show you the images full res when we get back! The compression of the images for the website takes a little of the color away.

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