Jekyll Island … No Buggy Yet


We finally found warm weather!

We had a chance to use our Boondockers Welcome membership again! For two days and three nights we guests in a very nice couple’s driveway!  It was only twenty minutes away from Jekyll Island, one of the best kite buggying locations on the east coast. The original plan was to stay one day and two nights. Our hosts kindly invited us to stay another day to explore the area.

Jekyll Island was beautiful!

The sun was with us but not the wind. The first thing Regina did was take off her shoes and go barefoot. The sand was hard packed which is perfect for kite buggying. We arrived right at low tide so if we had more wind it would have been the ideal conditions. The afternoon was wonderful anyway. We put up our 4.7 m New Tech Mercury traction kite. This was Regina’s first time flying this particular kite. She did wonderfully, even though it was the largest kite she’s ever flown! We took the ferrets out. They did not enjoy the beach as much as we did! They’re more woodsy ferrets. That night we were invited to a fire and drinks by our hosts. They have traveled quite a bit and had great stories. They told us about Saint Simmons Island and recommended we visit it.

IMG_2418 IMG_2429 IMG_2434 IMG_2442 IMG_2449IMG_2466 IMG_2475ReginaKite HiroBeach

Frederica Monument

We didn’t really know where to go on Saint Simmons Island. It was a nice area. We saw signs for the Frederica Monument and decided to take a tour. We watched another video about settlements. If I remember correctly. Frederica was the first settlement in Georgia. The fort was built to protect the colony from the Spanish who had a fort in Saint Augustine. It was a second chance for most of the inhabitance who  were not doing well in England. They had a truce with the natives that both sides kept, as far as we know. The natives and the colonists worked together to repel the Spanish. All that was left of the settlement was foundations and a couple free standing walls. The tree’s were amazing, really love the Spanish moss.

IMG_2521 IMG_2526 IMG_2535 IMG_2538 IMG_2543 IMG_2541


More next week! We hope everyone is doing well! We love you all!

~Fred and Regina

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  1. Hi guys, beautiful pictures & thanks for sharing. I Look forward to your weekly post, it makes feel like I am part of your adventure & connected. I’m happy you are enjoying the warm weather & the people you come across have been nice. May God continue to bless your trip. Love you both! Mom xoxoxo

  2. Hallo, Regina und Fred! Die Bilder sind so lebendig , man kann die Werme richtig spüren Ich bin so froh, dass ihr immer auf so nette Menschen trifft. Die Natur ist einmalig.Eine schöne Zeit euch in FloridaFrohe WeihnachtenFur euch ist Jesus geboren! Das Licht kommt in die Welt! Wir haben euch lieb
    Oohh! Die Mamas sind die ersten!!! Alles Liebe euch Zwei!!!

  3. Happy to hear that you both are enjoying the beautiful weather. Great pictures of you both flying kite, your cute ferrets exploring the beach and of the settlement you visited. Awesome trees! Looking forward to the next post. Love you both. Safe travels.

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