Meatless Monday – a test run

vegan photo - Meatless Monday

Multicolored broccoli just felt right!

Meatless Monday is the answer. My eating habits are unhealthy I know this! My health hasn’t been the greatest the last 5 years. I’ve developed adult allergies. I been having issues managing my weight. I’m stressed all the time. I never feel like I’ve had enough sleep, and lack energy. From what I’ve read/watched , my health issues might be cured by switching to a plant based diet. I love meat! I watched two videos that support this theory. One is Forks over Knives and the other Veducated. I watched them both on Netflix.

If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading. ~ Lao Tzu

Meat is expensive! I takes allot of resources to raise meat animals. Those animals don’t have a great life, and die painful deaths. I’m type of guy who wants meat in every meal. It’s tasty, that’s all there is too it. Its time to change or die, a little dramatic but not untrue. An additional benefit will be money savings. I will also eat three healthy meals on Monday. My current Monday diet is Energy drink and granola bar for breakfast. I have leftovers or a frozen meal for lunch. My wife cooks dinner with a big helping of beef or chicken. So Meatless Monday may save my wallet as well.

So I’ve decided to give Meatless Mondays a try. My wife if supportive, and is willing to try it. I have found a few recipes that look good. I want to try and stay away from pre-made meat substitutes. They are mushroom based , and I have a slight allergy. I don’t consider eggs meat (let me have this please?!).  My meal plan for the day will be :  For breakfast we are going to try these pasta bird nests. Lunch a vegetable souffle.  For dinner I’m looking at Brown rice and broccoli florets.

I don’t know why I chose multicolored broccoli for the image, just felt right. I will write a post about how this went, and If I plan on continuing this. If I like it every Monday could be Meatless Monday!  If you have any suggestions or recipes  a Carnivore like me would like, please send them my way.

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