Pensacola beach and a little kite flying!

We need to clean the lens on our Cell Phone! 58 Shirts!


So sorry we missed posting last week. We had a large T-shirt order that needed to be filled and we just lost track of time! Thank you, Aunt Debbie! So after we left Grassy point our last stop in Florida was Pensacola beach! Someone online said it would be a good place to fly! It was not too far out of the way. We picked Grassy point as a stop because it was only and hour or so away from the beach. The beach was incredible! It was a cloudy day but it was warm. The part of the beach we picked was part of the National Seashore. It was miles and miles down a two lane road going through sand dunes! We drove through Navarre which was a weird mix of different building styles. Some looked like space ships others were normal houses. They were all on stilts thought. Must get a lot of hurricanes! What looked to be clusters of Urban areas from a distance ended up being huge resorts! There weren’t really any stores or gas stations for miles and miles. We didn’t actually see a grocery store! The resorts must be all inclusive. I’m sure it is a nightmare in the summer. This time of year is was quiet and beautiful!

IMG_2855IMG_2787 IMG_2782

I did get to buggy. It wasn’t spectacular. The wind kept on changing directions and at one point flipped 180 degrees on me. Regina spent her time taking pictures and collect shells along the beach. The sky looked amazing with all the dark clouds and the blue sky behind it. The sand reminded me of Old Silver Beach, I’m still trying to get it out of the van.

IMG_2824 IMG_2821 IMG_2803

We hiked to the top of what was once a battery. It was called big bang! The 12-inch diameter cannon could shoot a projectile 17 miles. The Sign says the boys use to bleed from their mouth and ears from the compression waves when it fired.

IMG_2830 IMG_2840 IMG_2831 IMG_2845

All in all,it was a pretty nice day!

Since then we had a failed attempt to visit New Orleans. Its definitely not camper friendly! One campground wanted $150 to spend the night. Crazy! The roads were aweful. We left without even stopping. We spent 2 nights in Baton Rouge , not as glamorous as we thought it would be. I think interview with the vampire ruined us. I had way different expectations of the area.

Sorry for the delay with this weeks post we have been struggling with poor reception on our phones.

Till next week! We love you all!

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  1. Fred and Regina, hope all is well with your trip. Glad you both got a chance to enjoy Florida. The pictures came out nice! The beach looked beautiful. Have a safe trip to your next location. Miss you both. 🙂

  2. Nanu, dann schreibe ich es noch mal.
    Mit den Tshirts habt ihr gute Arbeit geleistet. Aber auch für einen guten Zweck. Schade, dass ihr New Orleans nicht sehen konnte, aber man kann eben nicht alles haben. Sind schöne Bilder! Die Natur endert sich, auch der Strand und die Dünnen. Ich freue mich für euch. Gute Fährt weiter!

  3. Hi Guys,
    We sent you a cup of coffee! we hope you got it. We enjoy reading about your adventures. Keep up the great posts.
    Doug, Kelly and Diego too

  4. You guys are LIVING life! Great pics

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