Saint Augustine – We missed a few of our adventures pt 1

This week we are traveling back in time!

On the way to Fort Lauderdale, we stopped at historic Saint Augustine. We previously wrote a post where we visited Frederica Fort. That was the British Fort built to protect their land from the Spanish. Saint Augustine was the Spanish Fort.

Driving the camper into Saint Augustine almost gave us heart attacks! There is no warning that the roads are tight. People drive kind of crazy. Initially, we couldn’t find any parking that fit us. We asked the attendant at the public parking garage if he had any idea where we could park. He pointed across a soccer field and said,”try there that’s where all the busses park”.  Not only did we fit there. It was free! We walked the downtown area. It was full of shops and restaurants. Everything was built ” historic Spanish style” What a tourist trap! We totally recommend visiting French Fry Heaven we had poutine which is french fries covered in brown gravy and mozzarella cheese. I know it sounds gross but its like crunchy mashed potatoes and gravy. It is a Canadian thing.

IMG_2571 IMG_2569

Saint Augustine has The Cathedral Basilica which is the oldest church in America. We didn’t get to see much of the inside of the church. There was a concert going on inside and we would have had to pay to see more of the church.


After walking around for a while, we toured the local distillery. It was a free tour and we got free samples of the booze they make in a converted Ice Plant. The tour guide was great. We didn’t expect her to be. She looked kind of bored before the tour started. It was a surprising turnaround. The distillery uses mostly local sources for their production.


Well, I think that’s it for this post. The past couple of weeks we’ve had issues with the pictures not rotating in the posts. Sorry bout that still trying to figure it out. Love you all! There will be more next week!

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  1. Hallo meine lieben Kinder!
    Das war wieder eine sehr schöne Fotoreise mit euch durch Florida!!!
    Ihr sieht beide so entspannt und glücklich aus! Ich freue mich riesig für euch.
    Passt auf euch auf. Der Herr segne euch und beschütze euch.
    Wir haben euch lieb und warten auf den nächsten Bericht.
    Es heißt: ihr sieht beide so ……..

  2. Hello Fred and Regina. Great post this week. You both look healthy and happy. I am glad you both are enjoying your trip through the USA. Looking forward to your next post. Stay safe and have fun. Love you both!

  3. It is freezing in NYC Fred and Regina You guys look so warm and comfortable in St. Augstine!

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