So yeah Got stuck in the sand!

We said goodbye to Florida!

I wish we could have stayed in Fort Lauderdale indefinitely. Who knew the rest of the state would be so cold! I know you guys back home are looking at winter storms, but We’re upset we have to turn on our heat! The temps are around freezing at night and the wind is howling outside! We had put away all of our winter gear we will be digging them out again soon!


Fred and Fred

2016-01-22 20160110_175512 2775On our way up the west coast, we had a chance to stay at our Aunt Janet. We met her family. They were fantastic. I made Cappuccinos for everyone! Hopefully, they get a milk frother and cut down their visitations to Starbucks like I did! It was the weekend so we had plenty of time to spend with the kids! We met a “Cousin?” Fred and ate some great food! Wish we had more time to spend with them but we must keep moving.

IMG_20160116_152123 IMG_20160116_152228

We had a few chances to take our kayak out! We are out of shape and the kayak is shaped like a bathtub.


Regina didn’t want to go down this road! I wanted to follow the GPS


This is where I realized we were screwed! I knew we couldn’t make it past this mess. Got stuck when I tried to turn around.


Hunter with 4 wheel drive baking up the trailer.


Following behind our home while a stranger drives away with it!

We have been utilizing low cost and free places to camp/park as much as possible. A few of these locations have been in really remote areas. This last campground we found was really nice but really out there! Our GPS couldn’t find it, so we used google maps on the cell phone. This turned out to be a big mistake. This whole cluster of roads had the same street name and our GPS took us down a sandy one. The description on the website said it was a road, so we blindly followed the GPS. We got stuck bad. At one point, Regina was freaking out because she thought the axle was broken, the tire was just on uneven ground! Being a man I refused to call for help! Luckily a hunter happened upon us. He didn’t  have a 4 wheel drive vehicle, but he got on the radio and called to other hunters. They came in force! Six pickup trucks at least! Packed with people and hunting dogs! They all wanted to tow the camper out. Thank god for awesome human beings! They towed the camper all the way back to a real road and gave us proper directions. So when all the hunters showed up I did get a little nervous. They had guns somewhere and there were a lot of them. Especially when they hooked up to the camper. If they wanted to leave us stranded there is nothing we could have done about it. Luckily it all turned out well. We got to the campground safely, though in the dark. You know like always! There was a girl who was already camped there when we arrived. She said she was lead astray by her GPS as well and got stuck. No hunters for her, though. She had to call a tow truck and It cost her $250. I told her about AAA!


Finally on the right road! Damn GPS!


Lesson Learned… Don’t blindly follow google it doesn’t know where you are or if you have 4 wheel drive

We met another fellow named Mark that parked next to us at the campground. We spent a few nights sitting around the fire with him. He’s a Vietnam vet who just started getting wanderlust again. He was good peoples!

That’s it for this week! Love you all! ~Fred and Regina

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  1. Mensch, Abenteuer pur! ! !
    Meine Mama hat immer gesagt : Gott und gute Menschen gibt es über al !
    Ich bin so froh, dass ihr auf so viele nette Menschen trifft.
    Die Natur ist wunderschön! ! ! Echt schöne Bilder. Freut mich auch, dass ihr jede Gelegenheit nutzt um kleine Pausen einzulegen und die Umgebung zu genießen und was unternahmen. Lasst es auf euch wirken und genießt es. Lasst die Strapazen hinter euch und freut euch auf das schöne.
    Euch eine schöne Woche, ohne Zwischenfälle! Gute Fährt und Bewahrung!
    Wir haben euch lieb, eure Mama und Papa.

  2. Wow! Sounds like a true Adventure. You’ll be laughing at this story in a few years. Love you guys!

  3. Yea you both had an adventure getting to the camp ground.. :). Happy you both made it through without domestic casualties. Ha Ha! ;). The pics of Titi Janet and family were awesome, as well as the kayaking pics. Nice to know you both were able to meet some nice folks at the campground. Looking forward to your next post. (((HUGS))).

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