Today was productive!

Yesterday was a productive day for me. I still managed to get a good amount of work done, even though I slept in. I need to do something about the darkness inside the camper, I don’t wake up on the weekend.

Changing the brakes on the Camry had been on the to do list for about 2 months. The brakes have been grinding for the last to weeks, and stopping the car less every day. I started started to worry when Regina had the car, but the weather was not cooperating this month. Regina had enough procrastination and made brakes a priority this weekend.

Every time I work on my Own brakes, it always take longer than I thought it would. The Camry fought me today, I felt way older than my thirty years. I’ve felt completely exhausted the rest of the day. They’re done now and I feel better about her driving the car.


Today I also replaced the bathroom faucet. We had bought one at home depot on sale maybe six months ago. I was still feeling motivated after the brakes so I installed this as well. Took me maybe 15 min, including cleanup. The wife is happy, now we have to buy a new faucet for the kitchen.

Tomorrow we are getting new tires. I may put up t the new antenna if there is time, and motivation.

This was just a quick post to keep things moving. I’ve been working on some new posts, and trying to get the site to look the way I want.

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