Tucson, Arizona – Casino Camping

IMG_3185Like we’d mentioned in our last post. In Tucson, we were Casino Camping. We stayed at the Casino Del Sol. It was comforting to be under video surveillance and it allowed us to roam without the camper. This was really important because we were planning to drive 5,000 feet up a mountain with the van. The van was struggling without the camper.

The first day in Tucson we planned on going to Kitt Peak Observatory but the winds were too high for us to want to be 7000 ft up. Instead, we just went to downtown Tuscon and checked out the local train museum. It was free! It was also a lot smaller than their website would lead you to believe. So we were glad it was free. The people there sure love trains!
IMG_20160224_135938 IMG_20160224_140023 IMG_20160224_135753We checked out a couple of disappointing music stores. It is really depressing looking at music stores across the US. The last good one we saw was in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Even the Guitar Centers Suck! Where is our music going?

The website for Kitts Peak National Observatory was horrible. We couldn’t find any information on tour times or what we were actually going to be able to see. We got there around noon and missed the big tour! We made the best with what time we had. Kitts Peak is a local Native American holy mountain, on a reservation. The reservation isn’t a part of the US. We had to pass border patrol to get there. We did not know this! Apparently the reservation is the USA on one side and Mexico on the other. The site of the observatory is leased, the deal included no military presence on the mountain and restaurants, B&B’s or gas stations. Basically, no commercial entities allowed. Just research. There are 21 telescopes on the mountain. They work entirely different than I thought they did. With quarts mirrors and water cooled chambers. It was a little overwhelming with all of the information they were spouting. Our tour guide was super smart and articulate. He was able to dumb down most of the information so we could feel like we understood.And it was delicious!

We got kicked off the mountain after three hours. They were closing and they do most of the research at night. We stopped to take a few more pics on the way down. We stopped at this great Mexican restaurant on the way back to the casino. It was delicious and relatively inexpensive. That’s it for this week. Next week’s post is about Phoenix. Love you all and see you soon.


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  1. Cool telescopes! I got a kick out of the “do not climb on choo-choo” sign. 🙂

    • The telescopes were great! It really want to get one now… I’ve realized that I don’t have the temperament for that hobby though…

  2. Hi Fred & Regina, you guys look great! You are going to be very fit by the time you get back to us, climbing all those mountains. You should of been wearing your Fitbits. Well you guys take care, stay safe & God bless!Love you ❤️

  3. Schöne Fotos! War auch sehr schön euch auf den Fotos zusammen zu sehen Ihr sieht gut aus. Gesegnete Fahrt euch.

  4. Hi Fred and Regina! I continue to enjoy seeing and hearing about your travels! Much thanks to you for taking the time to share with all of us! I look forward to each posting! I pray for continued safe travel and fun! Love you!

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