Visiting family again.The best part of this trip


The best part of the trip so far is visiting our family members in their natural habitat. This time, we visited Jenni and Macayah in Houston, Texas and Brandon in Dallas, Texas.
We stayed at a camping world in Houston, since we couldn’t get close enough to Jenni’s place with the camper. She came to us. We don’t really have many pictures of Houston, the visit felt rushed. It was still nice to see Jenni again after over four years. Even though I only had two days to teach him but Mikiyah kept practicing, and learned to make a train whistle with his hands! I took me much longer and it shows dedication! We had a good time at the mall window shopping and sampling the fare at the food court. Maybe next time they will come to visit us!

Dallas is a nice city! Especially in the area where Brandon lives! The houses are well built and seem out of place in a city! We were able to park the camper right in front of his appartment. Regina says we have a similar style in decorating our apartments! While there we spent some time at his mother’s house and Brandon, Fred, and James went to go see IP Man 3! Regina stayed with those less enthused about a martial arts movie. She hasn’t seen 1 and 2 so it is understandable.

We went to a park built over a highway. We ate at a food truck called “The Butchers Son” its mini sliders were the best! Afterwards, we stopped at Krispy Kream. Not exactly the most healthy food but it tasted great! If we make it back to Dallas we hope to spend more time there. It seems like a really nice city with lots of free outdoor activities.

After leaving Dallas, we spent three days in Lamesa, Texas. It is a small town with little to do this time of year. We had free full hookups for the camper so no real complaints. There was no public WiFi except for Mcdonalds. It was quiet and we felt comfortable leaving the camper for a couple hours at a time. We couldn’t really ask for more, especially for free. Thats it for this week! Next week we will talk about our visit to Carlsbad Caverns! We love you all! Until next week.


Just so you know. We were sick last week that is why this post didn’t go up then. This week we are in the middle of nowhere Arizona and had to climb this rock to get enough reception to send out this post. The view from the top is great though!

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  1. Danke, meine Lieben, für den Bericht. Das ihr das trotz Krankheit geschafft habt. Dallas scheint euch sehr gefallen zu haben. Sind auch riesen Wolkenkratzer. Schöne Bilder! Viel Spaß euch in Arizona, verliert euch nicht in dem Nirgendwo! Wir denken an euch und lieben euch.

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